SEO Copywriting Services

Areas of Expertise:

You’re looking for a copywriter that’ll add to or enhance your brand, am I right? So, you must know what it’s like to have a seemingly endless trail of scrunched up paper scattered all over your work space.

Or, should I say, a zillion edits to your online document or blog?

I get it! You can’t be good at everything!

And while I am hopeless when it comes to crunching numbers, catching a ball, or conversing about why the earth is flat vs. round, I am pretty darn good at writing.

As a child, I spent more time with books and jotting down my thoughts than anything else.

And as I entered my teen years, wrote poetry in notebooks that were rife with teenage angst, love, adoration, happiness, & sorrow.

I quickly learned that every single word holds a lot of power.

As an adult, a life of travel called to me.

I spent four years teaching English in South Korea and traveling South East Asia, and then made my way to the United Kingdom and Europe.

I took on a super fun in-office writing job at Viral Thread in London, which soon lead me to what I can confidently call, my best life.

I was given the opportunity to offer my copywriting services from the comfort of my own home, and before I knew what the word meant, I was a digital nomad.

I bounce around from city to city, drinking in the culture, sights, and sounds.

And since becoming a freelance writer, I have lived in some extraordinary places such as Spain, Switzerland, England, & Portugal. It’s given me the freedom to expand my networks, and gain life & professional experience, while seeing this beautiful world.

Who needs a vacation when your life is one?

Now, I live in Porto, Portugal, a city that has given my soul such a fulfilling feeling of peace & serenity.

I have a career that I adore, and the freedom to offer my SEO copywriting services whilst sitting in a cafe, at my desk, in bed, or on an airplane bound for my next destination. Join me on my adventure!