Live Music Copywriter

Want to feel as though you’re right in the action?

Through music, we can all fully immerse ourselves into an experience that’s otherworldly.

After all, music has the ability to bring people together, stir up an array of emotions, and help individuals through life’s trials and tribulations.

For me, a hopeless poet and writer, I find comfort in lyrics. Discovering a song that feels as though it was written just for you is one of the most spectacular things on this earth. Add in a delicious melody, and I can easily be whisked away from the mundanity of everyday life, feel the beat vibrate throughout my body, and have the inspiration course through my veins.

This is the power of music.

Do you love reading about gigs and bands on tour?

Personally, I am a big nu metal fan, and will always find myself getting a ticket to see my favourite bands when they’re in town (or out-of-town). I’m so obsessed, in fact, that I once flew to Japan to see Slipknot in concert. Yes, really. (My next gig? Flying to Prague for Blink 182.)

On the other hand, one may be surprised to know that I also love pop music, oldies, and a bit of EDM. My guilty pleasure? Harry Styles.

Having said that, festival season is the best season. It’s when I grab my bag and head on out via a train, bus, or flight in order to see some incredible live performances. After this, it’s time to put pen to paper.

Through my writing, I aim to put the reader in the front row. With my words, they’ll be able to feel as though they truly were there. I love to write descriptive and personal opinion pieces, and convey all of my deep emotions through my articles.

bands on tour writer

Do you have a music or entertainment website?

To share my passion far and wide, I aim to connect with like-minded individuals who want to gift the world with eloquent and heartfelt descriptions and insights of bands on tour.

I hope to empower people through music, and bring them together so that they can find their tribe and their place in the world.

My work will not only evoke a slew of emotions within you, but also make you feel the essence of the event. I am a music and bands on tour writer with an open mind with an empathetic soul.

I can write for blogs, institutes, and companies who want to make life better for everyone through the medium of music.